Friday, April 8, 2011



cc: Major Matthew Kemkes

Dear Maj. Gen. Horst:

Whoa! I would hate to be you right now! Have you been following the news? Trump just said your boss, the “illegal alien from Kenya,” was probably born in KENYA! I have sent you two prior emails telling you of this fact, but you failed to respond, and you failed to LOOK INTO THE MATTER and most important of all, YOU FAILED YOUR OATH TO THE US CONSTITUTION! I can tell you, I am going to do all I can to make sure you fry in Hell if not, at least, stew in Leavenworth for your part in the conspiracy to murder the Constitution.

Of course, Lt. Col Terry Lakin told you the same thing…and you and your military-obots sent him to Leavenworth for doing his duty under the U.S. Constitution! I hope you know, I am recommending that you take Lakin’s place and you be tried as a traitor and a conspirator to destroy the Nation that we live in!

And I hope you know, that your boss, King Soetoro (aka BHO) is planning to do away with the Constitution. I just did an article on it on my blog. You can view it at:

The article is entitled, “TWO OBAMA OFFICIALS IMPLICATED IN SEDITIOUS PLOT TO DISMANTLE US CONSTITUTION.” I would urge you to read this email alert, ponder it and think again about your so-called illegal alien Commander in Chief.

I can assure you, when this whole mess comes to a head, the American people will soon revolt against you, and the corrupt Pentagon (for failing to vet their own Commander in Chief). And when we also rise up against the perverted Congress and those in the Supreme Court... you will be able to hide no more, and in the end, you’ll be accountable for your misguided choice of preferring to bow down before King Soetoro rather than upholding an honorable military Doctor and officer like LTC Terry Lakin. As far as I am concerned, you are not worthy to stand in Mr. Lakin’s shadow!

You can read on that a closed meeting was held today, between Donald Trump and an Arizona delegation. I am unsure who all the players were in the delegation, but I am sure Trump was listening…whereas YOU ARE NOT! The paragraph that I was pleased to read on this alert was, “We just heard from our fellow patriot who attended the Trump meeting. "IT COULD NOT HAVE GONE BETTER!" Trump was fully engaged and asked questions. On issues that he was unclear he asked the various members of the Arizona delegation to do get the information and documentation to him as soon as possible. The meeting lasted 30 minutes.”

I can guarantee you, that the amount of damaging data that Trump could/will get within 30 minutes… would/will be devastating AGAINST King Soetoro! Don’t you think it should have been YOU requesting documents on King Soetoro, and discovering whether or not King Soetoro was born in Kenya…or the US? Do you not know that a Commander in Chief CANNOT BE A KENYAN illegal alien?! A Commander in Chief MUST BE A US CITIZEN! But you have chosen to remain silent. You have made no effort to answer MY EMAILS nor my charges that you have failed to live up to your oath as a Military officer/soldier.

As a former US Army soldier… an E5, a Specialist Fifth Class, and as a veteran I charge you with failure to defend our Constitution, and failing your fellow officer, LTC Lakin! You should be in his cell in Leavenworth instead!

For the third time now, I ask you to shoulder your responsibility and investigate this matter in a proper manner. Why not be a leader for a change, and stop forcing Donald Trump to do your job for you!

You should be ashamed of your despicable actions and dishonorable conduct. You deserve a dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of your pay and pension…you deserve what you gave Lakin!

Edward C. Noonan
2002 Candidate – Secretary of State (CA)
2006 Candidate – Governor (CA)
2010 Candidate – US Senate (CA)
2006-2008 former State Party Chairman –
American Independent Party (CA)

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