Sunday, January 16, 2011

guest on the WESTERN REGION INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY regional online chat

from: Edward C. Noonan
date: Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 4:04 PM
subject: Fwd: Thanks Ed


I was invited to be a guest on the WESTERN REGION INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY regional online chat...My testimony of the current condition of Amerika was rejected as strongly there, as it is here in my own CALIFORNIA MORMON BATTALION. When I said, "the Constitution is dead...and has been dead since 1881 (and maybe before), I got mighty grumblings and resistance. There was a consensus that the Constitution was indeed "hanging by a thread" but they all seemed to reject my premise that the constitution went into full fledged apostasy on Jan 20, 2009 when we elected a illegal alien as the squatter in the White House. They seemed all unaware that there had been a previous Constitutional Apostasy once before in 1881 with Chester Arthur.

They did however, have 100% solid agreement that the illegal alien problem is a serious matter. They all seemed to concur that something needed to be done about securing our borders and cease handing out goodies and non-citizen freebies to every Senor Tom, Dick and Senora Harriette (illegal alien) that appears at the public trough.

Kelly sent me a thank-you email (below) and I sent him a return thank-you email (below). In it, I described my book that I was writing and you can review my comments to him below.

I will admit, it was a pleasure to be in that meeting. One of the National Committee members, from Idaho gave the opening prayer, AND IT WAS SO AWESOME hearing a fellow LDS offer an online prayer...She gave a much different prayer than the usual Baptist or Lutheran, etc than I have been hearing for the last 10 years that I have been with the AIP (and before 2008, the GOP; after 2000 the CP.)

At anyrate, just thought I'd relay the jist of the meeting and how a cautious, but friendly hand was offered in both the Monday and the Tuesday online meeting that I had with the IAP.

There is another WESTERN REGIONAL online meeting next (every) Tuesday. Would anyone like to come and meet the IAP?

Edward C. Noonan

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From: Edward C. Noonan
Date: Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 1:54 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks Ed
To: Kelly Gneiting


Well, thank you for inviting me, and letting me vent on the lack of awareness that many Americans, and many, many LDS have of the awful situation that we are in. People everywhere, Republicans, LDS, and just Americans hate for me to claim that the "Constitution is dead" ...and that it has been dead for nearly 125 years (since the illegal President Chester Arthur conned his way into to the office of the Vice Presidency and then the Presidency.)

And they especially hate me to say that our Constitution died the second time, when an illegal alien filled the rank of Commander in Chief and became a squatter in the White House.

I am currently writing a book called SATAN AND THE CONSTITUTION. It recounts how Satan attempted to destroy our Heavenly Constitution in the Pre-Existence (and nearly did it) (and THAT battle still wages on!) and it also describes how he successfully has destroyed our Constitution here on earth.

The book starts out with describing the APOSTASY of Christ's church and the almost immediate APOSTASY of Christ's church...the 12 Apostles had a short time that it expanded past the death of Christ, and one or two new Apostles were chosen...but a deadly apostasy fell upon the church. The book also describes how the APOSTASY also killed off Christ's church in America. Luckily we had a set of ancient records recorded on golden plates to remind us how surely the church can die.

In our Modern times, we have let our Constitution die as certainly did the Saints that remained after Christ's church of ancient times, and as did the Nephites and the Lamanites.

It has always been my hope that since many LDS understand the concept the principle of "having the keys," and "having the authority" (aka Priesthood) being taken away because the lack of authority...they would understand my warning that the same thing has happened via our Constitution. Art I, Sec 7 states the mandated legislative process that Congress MUST comply with..."Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he shall sign it..."

If there is an illegitimate President...then nothing he signs nor approves of, or VETOS or even considered has any merit! NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP! The apostasy is a sure with the political realm as it is with the celestial realm.

When an illegal alien takes office in the White House...the Constitution is not "hanging as a thread" but it is DEAD. There is no remedy...especially when the Supreme Court, and the Congress is in on the corruption and deceit.

This brings us to the second question... It happened one time before. In 1881 with Chester Arthur. He may have been born in Canada, but it is very, very clear that Arthur's father was not a US Citizen. Aurthur was born in 1829 and Arthur's father was "naturalized in 1843." There is sufficent proof that Arthur was NOT a legitimate president and nothing he signed, no appointments he made were legitimate...AND 12 OF THE 50 STATES OF THE UNION ARE NON-STATES:

39 - North Dakota - November 2, 1889
40 - South Dakota - November 2, 1889
41 - Montana - November 8, 1889
42 - Washington - November 11, 1889
43 - Idaho - July 3, 1890
44 - Wyoming - July 10, 1890
45 - Utah - January 4, 1896
46 - Oklahoma - November 16, 1907
47 - New Mexico - January 6, 1912
48 - Arizona - February 14, 1912
49 - Alaska - January 3, 1959
50 - Hawaii - August 21, 1959

I think you told me that you were born in Idaho? As you can see from above, Idaho is not a state of the union if Arthur was not qualified to be president. But Idaho was a incorporated Territory prior to the election of the bogus at least Idaho is a TERRITORY. And as such people born in the territory of Idaho are citizens of the territory of Idaho.

In my book I point out that it is amusing that Arthur was instrumental in getting Hawaii started on the path of becoming a territory of the US...during his bogus term...but Hawaii was not actually (bogus-ly) made a territory until 1898. Since Arthur was not a legitimate natural born citizen, then Hawaii can never be considered a territory OR a state...therefore, Mr. Soetoro is not natural born either as a citizen of the territory of Hawaii or the State of Hawaii, since neither ever happened....To be natural born, one could NOT be born in Hawaii, nor could one of THE parents.

Sadly, (to me) my father was born in California, but my mother was born in Oklahoma (1919) therefore I cannot consider myself a natural born citizen. Since Oklahoma was illegally made a territory in 1890 (anything after 1881 is unconstitutional) and it unconstitutionally made a state in 1905 I cannot consider myself a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Alaska was unconstitutionally made a territory in 1912. This is, of course, AFTER the unconstitutional presidency of it never became a territory and of course, never became a state in 1959...So Sarah Palin is NOT a natural born citizen.

So here we have an apostasy of great proportions within the political landscape. The keys to act within the government have been removed just as the keys were removed from Christ's church in ancient times. We can make-believe that the Constitution is well and alive...but we merely kid ourselves.

Can we restore the Constitution to it's pre-death condition. I find it almost impossible. Should we try? OF COURSE. But until we continue to deny the apostasy...the Lord is going to let us fry in our own ignorance. Apostasy has the same definition today that it did nearly 2000 years ago:

n. pl. a·pos·ta·sies
Abandonment of one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.

All I can say, is that we have abondoned the requirement of NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP of the Commander In Chief/President and we have refused to hold dear this Supreme Law of the land...and it is no longer supreme. But then again, most of our Bill of Rights have been cast aside as well.

If what I say is true...what are we going to do about it?

Edward C. Noonan

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 8:14 AM, Kelly Gneiting wrote:

Thanks for being on the call last night, Ed. We are on every Tuesday. The only exception is when we physically meet together, but if this is the case, we'll announce it via email. Normally, John is not on.

You made a lot of good points. Hopefully, together we can see real chang in America.

Hope all is well with you and your family.